About Gan Bua

Gan Bua is a traditional Irish band that plays great celtic rhythms and brings ecstasy to the audiences they play to at concerts. Gan Bua is a band that combines traditional Celtic rhythms and contemporary sounds beautifully. Band member Brian Ohairt mentioned how he first got involved in Irish music. He stated that while in high school he would listen to traditional Irish music and then he educated himself on this art form before later moving to Ireland where he was able to immerse himself further into traditional Celtic music.

About Group Members

The name Gan Bua means “without talent” but this is not true of the group. One of the members of the group, Jackie Moran, uses a unique Irish percussion instrument called the Bodhran, which is an Irish frame drum that gives off a beautiful and infectious sound which blends well with the other instruments. Jackie Moran has also performed with traditional Irish dance called Riverdance. There is also Sean Gavin on the wooden flute and his melodies add a slight flowery feel to the band’s music. Brian Ohairt is the singer in the group. He has an excellent command of Gaelic language and adds strong authenticity to the group.

Live At Martyrs

If you’re new to Gan Bua’s music you should buy the CD Live at Martyrs, which was a special concert that they recorded at Martyrs club in Chicago. This recorded concert captured the essence of what traditional Irish music was all about in decades past and since all of the members grew up hearing traditional Celtic music, they seek to maintain this legacy and they succeeded with this CD.

Gan Bua Is Example of Irish Music Preservation Throughout Irish Diaspora

The United States received a huge bulk of Irish immigrants beginning in the 19th century and this led to the building of a distinct Irish American culture away from their home country. Groups like Gan Bua show that traditional Irish music forms do not have to die out when people leave Ireland. Based on the fact that most of the band members were influenced by their relatives who stuck to the traditional music forms, Gan Bua represents a new generation of Irish Americans who are playing traditional rhythms but who are also adding a 21st century taste to the music.

Gan Bua Is A Refreshing Alternative to U2

We all know about the famous Irish band U2 and while they still remain an innovative band that comes out of Ireland, it’s refreshing to hear of an Irish influenced band that has not left its’ traditional roots and can combine elements of rock with the folksy nature of Celtic sounds. This is one of the main reasons why so many Irish music lovers are turned on to Gan Bua. This band does a great job of blending the traditional with the traditional.

How Gan Bua Is Perceived By Critics

So far Gan Bua has received postive acclaim from critics. Irish Music Magazine states that this band is one of the best traditional bands in America while All Music Guide says that the energy from the group is controlled yet still thrilling. Dirty Linen stated that Gan Bua has researched this kind of music well and that they can pull of time honored traditions while giving the music a contemporary edge.

Down The Green Fields

Another great CD to listen to from Bua is Down The Green Fields which was released in 2011. This CD pleasantly screams all things traditional about Irish music with the melodious harmony of flutes, violins, whistles and voices that sing in Celtic language. The aspect of this CD that makes it so great is the fact that Bua doesn’t just play every song in upbeat rhythm but instead they give listeners a slow pace of sound that allows them to savor and appreciate the music.

How You Can Find Out Where Bua is Performing

You can go directly to Bua’s website to find out where the group is performing next. Another way to find out where Bua will perform in your city is to do a keyword search of “Irish music festival 2014” to see if the band will perform in a city close to where you live. If you listen to a radio station whose specialty is folk or Irish music, they might announce Bua’s latest tour dates

Bua Brings An Earthy Sound

One of the best things about Bua is that this band sports an unpolished style that is distinctive of the traditional Irish band. When you listen to Bua play you’re getting a raw yet slightly contemporary sound that is in keeping with Irish tradition. With Bua you get transported back to the earliest centuries in Ireland when families used music for their happiest and saddest occasions. Their sound also reminds  you of a nice night at the local Irish pub.

American Folk Band With Irish Heart

The arrival of Bua marks an important connection between traditional Irish music and the folk music of America. American folk music has some Irish and Scottish roots and those roots make American folk music what it is today. Bua is a group based in Chicago but if you hear them perform live or on their CDs, you would assume that they are natives of Ireland. Bua’s success is testament to the legacy of Irish immigrants in America over the past few decades.


Bua is not your standard folk group. This group is dedicated passionately to the preservation of traditional Irish music and they do a good job of it. There has been a resurgence of interest in Irish folk music in recent years thanks to dance troupes such as Riverdance and Bua delivers on its’ promise to present an authentic portrait of Irish culture through music. Their sound is unpretentious, raw and filled with zeal for what they do. Based on the critical acclaim Bua received, they will be around for years to come, and this is good news for all who love high quality music.

Spiritual Meaning of Music

Spiritual Meaning of MusicWe know that music has a political and social meaning but what you may not know is that music is also spiritual in nature. Most religions utilize music as part of their ceremonial rituals and even for those who practice spirituality apart from organized religion, they tend to use music as a way to express their spirituality.  Music has a spiritual meaning as it relates to nature and according to certain religious systems such as Wicca and the New Age movement, getting in touch with nature is important in adherents’ lives. This is why in New Age music you’ll hear sounds that reflect nature such as the waters, wind and even fire. In addition to this, several rock artists see nature as a spiritual thing and incorporate this belief into their music.

Music As An Expression of Awe and Praise

The spiritual person views music as a way for him to express his awe and praise to God. We see this example in the lives of the African slaves throughout the United States in the antebellum South. The slaves experienced tremendous despair and sense of fear as they were treated harshly by their slave owners. They were not allowed to attend white churches so they held their own worship services and created a distinct style of music that allowed them to praise God in spite of their heartaches.

Dark Evil Powers And Music

Sometimes there are those who get involved in the dark arts and more sinister forms of spirituality and this may drive them to compose songs that glorify behaviors that harm themselves or others. Some psychologists and religious leaders believe that certain kinds of rock and hip hop would fall in this category. They point to the way some artists promote abuse of women, drug use, violence by any means and other ideals that are not good for society.

Music As A Form of Prayer

Naturally a spiritual person values prayer as his lifeline for getting comfort and assistance in tough times, and another spiritual meaning of music is its’ ability to serve as a form of prayer. We see this in the classic hymns of the Catholic and Protestant denominations as well as non Christian belief systems. When a person sings religious chants or just sings about his pain and helplessness, it is his way of spiritually seeking rest for his soul.


Music has always been spiritual and this is why people get emotional, excited, moved to tears or even angry when they hear certain songs. A person’s spirituality dictates every part of his life, including his approach to creating or hearing music. This could also be why there are several positive benefits of listening to music. No matter where you go in the world, you’ll see someone’s spirituality come alive in his response to music. And this is not a bad thing as long as the music is used to uplift rather than harm yourself or others. Finally, when you hear music again, reflect on what the spiritual message could be behind it.

The Awesomeness of Celtic Rock

The Awesomeness of Celtic RockCeltic rock is a style of rock music that includes traditional Celtic rhythms and other types of music that is rooted in Celtic culture. Celtic rock first gained acclaim in the 1970s and it has been popular worlwide ever since. When you hear Celtic rock you’ll hear well known and new Celtic folk rhymes set to a rock n roll beat and the balance between the contemporary and historical is struck nicely. Donovan is one of the earliest pioneers of Celtic rock. Thin Lizzy was an Irish Celtic rock band that made waves in the 70s as well. There is also a sub category of Celtic rock called Celtic punk and the best bands in this style include The Poques, Dropkick Murphys, and The Tossers.

Best Celtic Rock Songs

One of the best Celtic rock songs is I’m Shipping Up to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys and another good thing and Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back in Town is another great Celtic rock song. The Pogues’s The Irish Rover is an excellent Celtic rock song that is a favorite among those who love this genre. Rory Gallagher’s A Million Miles Away is also a well known Celtic rock song. King of the Fairies by Horslips is another must hear if you’re new to Celtic rock since this group was one of the first on the Celtic rock scene. Gaelic Storm’s Drinking The Night Away is another neat tune.


Tempest is a Celtic rock band that is based in California. This group combines traditional Celtic rhythms with a contemporary American rock  influences and the group has existed since 1988. So far they released 11 albums.  This band has played at tons of music festivals across the country.

Resurgence in Popularity of Celtic Rock

The peak of Celtic rock was between the 60s and 80s but nowadays there has been a huge revival of Celtic rock in the British Isles, Canada and the United States. In areas outside the British Isles in particular there has been a wide crop of Celtic rock independent groups that perform locally and there are even a few nationally known new Celtic rock groups on the scene. It is this resurgence of interest in Celtic rock that is driving this trend.


Celtic rock is a style of music that blends old school traditions with contemporary rock in a balanced and exciting manner. You can learn about life in the British Isles through Celtic rock and this gives you a better appreciaton of the British Isles’s history and culture. Rock music always had a touch of rebellion and it is no different with Celtic rock. Parts of the British Isles have been in turmoil for decades and Celtic rock reflects some of the turbulence of recent decades. Celtic rock has survived the influence of other kinds of music in the British Isles. Finally, you can find good Celtic rock at most record stores and online retailers. You can also watch live performances of Celtic rock bands online.